All About Developing a Consultation Program

A consulting program is a service typically organised by universities, not for profit organisations and professional consultants to provide guidance and advice to individuals and/or groups. Small business consulting, legal advice and career counseling are among the types of guidance offered. Establishing a consulting program involves defining a program objective, identifying potential service recipients and gathering a group of experts.

The first step is to narrow down your expertise to one core area.  It could be budgeting, business management, legal advice, accounting etc.

Next up, think about the service recipients of your program – who might benefit from your services?  Examples might be adults in search of a career change, small businesses with limited funds, people recovering from long term sickness or more!

Have a clear objective of the program.  Helping small business owners to get through the demands of maintaining a business could be your goal, providing free legal advice to those who cannot afford it otherwise could be your objective.