Aunty Has When It Comes To Nurse Training

It’s very interesting to come from a family where nursing and medical or health careers have featured heavily through generations.   I had a great aunty who was one of the original district nurses in their home area – I knew her as fun loving and a great person to be with – quick witted too.   I remember her telling me about her days at nurse training school – how she loved it from the word go.  Must have been good as she made it to Sister Tutor – meaning she taught generations of student nurses after her.  However she had a reputation in her day of being formidable and one you wouldn’t care to disobey – what Nurse Tutor said, was what happened.    Aunty was tall and very attractive and in her district nurse uniform she must have turned many a male eye . . .  In an era when men definitely ruled the universe, it must have been refreshing as a woman to be the important one, the one who made the difference between terrifying discomfort with calm reassurance.  This is taught from the word go and featured in the online training courses available to medical and healthcare students.