Best Trained Nurses Step Up To The Mark

Now that we have had one of the most depressing starts to any summer season that anyone can remember since the end of the second world war, we find ourselves reliving the nightmare of an unbelievable towering inferno in west london, the biggest nightmare anyone can dread ever happening anywhere, let alone in such a huge and busy area.   Before that nightmare, came three violent terrorist attacks, with the inevitable full on news coverage.

A major thing that has come out of these tragedies, is the professionalism of all the nursing and medical staff at each incident.  The lack of fuss whenever an emerging emergency calls for help from volunteers.  There are always fantastic heroes out there risking life and limb, and there are some equally first class cool calm and collected Nurses.   These are the ones who have trained at all hours, in all conditions and don’t bat an eyelid when the chips are down!