Even Nurses Need Top Ups In Career Based Learning

I know a mum who left school at 19, went straight to Nurse training – a long held career choice.  She has done a full nursing degree course and a partial when she changed streams.  Having the degree knowledge though does not guarantee that when you finally get the job you think you were working towards, it turns out not to be the fulfilling job you sought.   Within each type of nursing, whether that be midwifery, paediatric; obstetrics; mental health, there are many varied training courses that will enlighten and enhance your knowledge of the key aspects of the job.  A nurse within the gastro department in any hospital will need to have a good knowledge of how various complaints are affected by food intake and the wrong foods at that.   Taking additional top up vocational courses is a good ay to top up missing chunks.  Fitness and Nutrition courses are fundamentally for helping people to avoid food fads, ensuring they all understand which foods we must have and how to aoid getting ill from not using food properly in the first place.