Family Line In Health Careers

I have several older friends – well, we’re similar age but it’s true to say that several are looking older than me.   some of them have taken medical or healthcare training in their past lives.  In fact I was having a really good conversation with a couple of them who were district nurses and midwives in their day, so they should know a lot about how bodies function and age prematurely if not used to the best!   I happened to say that I couldn’t function at all any day until I’d managed to do about an hour of stretching exercises and I also include hand weight training too now to keep my upper body as flexible as I can.  I have the benefit of being taught Pilates by a very well trained practitioner who goes on may training and retraining medical courses for this purpose – so she can guide us as safely and effectively as one human can for another.  She had been trained in one of the medical streams some years ago, and one of her sons is a foot specialist, another is a surgeon.   We’re talking seriously well informed people here!