From SEN or SRN To Degree Nurse Operatives

As a family we do have rather a high number of women in the nursing industry – both great aunts, three cousins, two daughters.  So we are pretty clued up on the various problems that healthcare operatives, but especially nurses, have to endure in their every day working lives.  The amount of learning to get to the main job is alarming – at one time you chose either the 2 years State Enrolled Nursing course – which got you to be a general nurse, probably for ever without much prospect of promotion.  The other choice was the 2 year State Registered Nursing course.  This meant automatic promotion on completion of the Nurse’s training to Staff Nurse once allocated to a hospital.  There being no unemployment in this field.    The nurses of today are so much better prepared for life on the ward and this is continued with appropriate online training courses to continuously raise standards.