Massive Skills Shortage In Healthcare Causing Panic

There is panic in the world of medical careers and providers.  With the chaos that has followed the brexit referendum causing a massive drop in european staff coming to work here, there is now a serious shortage of nursing and care staff in our hospitals, clinics and care homes.  Up to 6 months ago I would be confident of finding at least 4 european care staff lookng after my frail mother in her dementia care home.  The company had an agreement via the government, to bring in a number of nursing and higher trained staff every year, they would do their probationary period with the care home and eventually get the pip number needed to work in our national health system.  These young folk were of course very well trainined in their own country – often better than their equivalent over here.  However, the skills shortage calls for schools to encourage children to look at medical and nursing as a career for life otherwise the healthcare system will just grind to a halt!