Needing Well Trained Nursie To Calm Fears

I had the unfortunate experience of having to be examined for possible tumous behind my eyes and around the base of my head – where the head is bolted to the neck basicaly.  I’d had many headaches over a couple of years and my eyesight seemed to me to be fading a bit.  Of course, it is frightening all the time when  you fear the worst. I was sent for a neurology test and the nurses were very well trained – specialist online courses having ensured they knew how to deal with terrified patients.  They made the procedure much more bearable by sitting me down and explaining each section of the test, what to expect, how long it would be etc.  This sort of care is a specialist skill and something they undertake with online courses and specialist education.    Any nurse in a ‘patient facing’ situation that involves life or death matters should be taking online training to prepare them for dealing with patients in just such circumstances.