Nursing Uniform & Perceptions Always Changing

With this very strange situation throughout the world – global pandemic and virus warfare conditions, the world of nursing has taken very much a front seat when it comes to choosing careers.    There has been a huge amount of interest shown in the lifelong benefits of having such a structured career.  Nursing has always been considered a glamorous job.  Anyone who has been a nurse, or has family connections to one will know this is about the last thing nursing actually is!  However, the idea of someone very feminine, attractive and kind who can bring relief and calmness in an emergency will always be at the top of a person’s thought process.  The uniforms of coure are different now.  Mostly a jacket style top over navy blue trousers with vry flat shoes and if any hat is worn, it will be a small disposable paper affair that simply clips together.  Gone are the attractive striped dress with the elasticated belt for which the beautiful gilt buckle held such significance for the Florence Nightingales of old!