Online Medical Procedural Training Updates

I was visiting one of our very top teaching hospitals the other week.  The patient I was seeing needed to have a procedure carried out and I left the room pretty sharpish.  Not because I’m in any way squeamish, but because the patient is a pain in the derriere and makes a tremendous song and dance about everything he has to have done.  This chap has had a lot done too – been in various hospitals for years and years.  He never quite gets fixed before something else occurs.  This must be a nurse’s nightmare – having to do blood tests, blood-glucose tests, affix cathetars and other bags . . . . . But the nurse was so wonderful, she had recently taken part in refresher training and had learned the new way of thinking on a couple of procedures and was implementing them now.  She was so knowledgeable too and all from marvellous online training courses that make her proud of her chosen career.