Online Training to Boost Your CV

There are literally thousands of online courses available in subjects which can have a really great boost for your CV and make you a much more attractive candidate for many jobs.  Fields such as healthcare and safety are always in demand, and there are a wide range of online courses which can teach you these valuable skills.

First aid training is a necessity for many employers, as it means they can run a safe workplace with the right people in place should there be an accident or an emergency which requires health assistance.  First aid can be taught through physical/face to face courses or through online CPD, although there will be less chances to practice physical aspects such as the recovery position or how to perform CPR.  Online courses can offer a lightweight introduction to the subject in order to prepare candidates for the main course later.

Fire safety is a good online course which can teach necessary skills for fire wardens within a workplace.  Online fire safety courses can teach the basics of fire prevention training as well as what to do should a fire break out in your workplace.