Skills Required to Be an Excellent Nurse

If you are interesting in training as a nurse, there are a number of skills which are essential to your role.  Here is our rundown of the top skills you will need to be an excellent nurse!

  1. Listening and communication skills: you will need to converse with a wide range of people, from patients to doctors and surgeons each day
  2. Caring: obviously it is important that you care for the wellbeing of others
  3. Judgement: it is important that nurses can make quick judgements on how to care for people, especially as the cases they deal with can mean the difference between life and death!
  4. Teaching/advising: lots of nurses have other staff working “below” them, so they need to be able to teach skills to other staff
  5. Counselling: nurses have to face difficult situations when it comes to health, and dealing with upsetting issues is an important skill
  6. Management: time management, people management, drugs management, nurses do it all!