Social Problems Require Specialist Nurse Training

This has been a really busy christmas and new year period for the emergency services in the UK.  We have had the most unbelievable weather, storms, heat, snow, ice.  Absolutely every season throughout every day, for some weeks now.  The number of incidents needing emergency care and medical expertise has incrased ten fold and it’s an absolute miracle that so much can be done when you think how inconsiderate so may unsociable folk are.  Excess drinking and drug taking makes up for a huge number of people expecting help from our A&E departments – so much so that drunken sin bins are being tried out in certain areas so that our precious resources are not wasted on these people.

Specialist nursing for all eventualities found in A&E needs regular update of training – the skills set of 30 years ago is never going to remain relevant in today’s fast paced climate.  Constant updating is the name of the game.