Taking Clinical Supervision Career A Step Further

For many nurses already trained and working in their chosen career, there are many online courses that can be undertaken to enhance their understanding and enjoymmet of this already amazingly powerful position.  Clinical supervision – assessing and providing feedback for example is one of the most important tasks that a nurse undertakes.  However, not everyone is able to look, assess and report succinctly.  An online course focusing on the principles of workplace-based assessment and commonly used assessment tolls.  It shows how to apply these as a critical part of your clinical supervision.  Learning importance of assessing competence and progression amongst your trainees and students.  Learning how to observe performance and give effective feedback as well as exploring strategies to support learners who show difficulty in their learning will help you to identify a problem early on.  It will lead on to perhaps taking clincial supervision, teching and facilitating learning or how to plan your own clinical supercisory professional development.