The Many Different Facets Of Today’s Nurse Training

There are so many different types of nursing today.  In the 1950s and 60s it was possible to get a good state education and if you applied to a Teaching Hospital, a good interview would usually be sufficient to get you through to the dream of being a student nurse.  The teaching was done in blocks in the school with Sister Tutor in charge of that learning and on the wards with Matron and consultants also being involved.   These days there is a huge emphasis on online learning towards a degree which is now the basic minimum for all types of nursing.  The role of nurse is a many and complex one – there is midwifery of course, the care of ante natal mothers throughout pregnancy and during the confinement.  Then there is the complexity of after care.  In a difficult commnity, this needs specialist training which a nursing training educational course will assist with.