The Professional Nurse – A Real Career

There can’t be many jobs where the success or failure of a project is quite so ‘in your face’.  Nursing is one of those professions where you have to meet a massive variety of different challenges daily and remain calm, cheery and completely free of political, religious and anti everyone gossip.  It’s a tough profession and one that is jealously guarded by their Royal Colleges.   The training to be a nurse is nothing like it used to be – if you read old romance novels from the 1950s, the herione was always a nurse or air hostess.  Training was done in a dedicated nurse training school, and on the ward.  Matron personally oversaw the training and welfare of each ‘set’.  Now it is a degree course and involves huge chunks of e-learning too.   Our nursing profession is probably one of the best in the world.  The top up training makes it even better over the  years.