Focused Cancer Training Aids Patient Care

Most of us have to spend some time in a hospital, be it NHS or private, at some time in our lives.  I know of one chap who had never been near a doctor since his birth some 50 years before he became very very ill.  He then made up for the lack of national average by needing treatment for a difficult to locate and treat form of cancer.   The nursing staff were always very patient, understanding but not helpful when any questions were asked, always referring up to some mythical being above their heads.   Things are done very differently these days.  As soon as anyone suspects they’re ill and the GP agrees, the round of emergency appointments is sorted, oncology nurses and trained councillors step in and the patient is guided through the necessary maze of departmental probing.  Survival chances are so much increased now because of the incredible knowledge of the folk treating you.  Hurrah.