Well Trained Nurses Help The Convalescence Operation

There has never been a winter like it . . . .  news headlines scream out about the latest hospital trust to miss their self set deadlines for ambulances to disgorge emergency A&E candidates; or having done so how long before the hapless soul gets left on the receiving trolley before being ushered into a bed or not.   Nursing staff today have to develop very thick skin to take all the disgusting abuse from drunks, angry families and oiks who litter the place.     Back in the 1950s and up to about 1990s we still had the council run old peoples’ homes and more importantly, convalescent homes in every town and village.  This is where folk went to to literally convalesce and be thoroughly rested, but prepared for life back outside in their own home.    Folk were given hours of physiotherapy and social services would ensure the patient was able to cope adequately once finally home.